Defending Yourself Aganist Time Bandits

No matter who or where you are you have either had a time bandit or have been a time bandit. A time bandit it a person or a thing the kills your time. Time bandits are no joke and can hurt your success in life. Personally, my time bandits are Netflix, and YouTube. I find myself wanting to watch How to Get Away With Murder or Pretty Little Liars rather than doing my homework. Time Bandits aren’t only things but they are people too. Maybe a family member or even friends. This is not a good thing. Even thought it may be hard to protect yourself from these time bandits it is possible. In the case of Netflix and Youtube, I use a app called Self Control for the macbook. It is an app that blocks you from certain websites that you up put on a list to help you stay focused. When using Self Control you are able to allocate a certain amount of time you want to be restricted from these websites. When I first used the app I unfortunately put thirteen hours which meant I was locked out for thirteen hours. I could watch Netflix or Youtube for thirteen hours. This was very hard as there is no way to unlock these hours. I honestly wanted to cry.

In order to kill time bandits that are people, you have to set boundaries. Boundaries are important because they allow you to set limits of how far you should go.  If your friends are getting in the way of your success you need to let them know that you have goals and certain things to achieve. You can set certain time to hang out with your friends so that you can still stay connected. It is also important to let your family aware of your goals to ensure  they support you in different areas. In my family, we all have chores everyone has to do their part. I have to make sure that I balance getting my chores done and my homework. My parents always push me doing chores, this teaches me a sense responsibility.  To maintain a balance between my homework and chores in the house,  I have to prioritize everything that I do to maintain a healthy balance.

Time bandits can cause conflicts that can affect how you relate to your family, friends and school. It is important to learn how to maintain a healthy balance.  Time bandits kill, steal and destroy your time, keeping a control over them is important for success.

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