Being a Teacher for a Day. What I Learned From Teaching My Peers About Affirmative Action.

This past Saturday, the ninth graders had to do a presentation of what we have been learning for the past couple of weeks which is Affirmative Action and Scheduling. Before presenting, I could feel the nerves rush through me. I have done presentations in front of people before but, I still get nervous. To address my nervousness I have learned the technic of taking deep breathes and address my nervousness. Working along with me were my other ninth grade TeenSharp classmates, Nia, Naheem, Zara, and Kenish. We all had a section to presented to the other TeenSharp grades. Kenish, Naheem, and Nia were first to present their piece of scheduling. While Zara and I presented our piece about affirmative action. Both Zara and discussed what is affirmative action, how affirmative action is prevalent in the book Hope Unseen. We also talked about “white” affirmative action and the psychology of affirmative action. Finally, we discuss case studies that played a vital role in affirmative action. Throughout the presentation, Zara and I did are best in explaining the affirmative action. Throughout my presentation, I learned…

  • To pose and give my audience a chance to ask a little before moving to the next step of my presentation.
    • Giving the audience a chance to ask questions make the audience more engaged. It also gets them to think about the topic more.
  • Games and activities seem to interest the audience.
    • As we went throughout the presentation, we played two games. A kahoot game and a game based on affirmative action. The audience seemed to love playing the games because it not only made them laugh but taught them a lesson.
  • Lastly, don’t let my nervousness get in the way of my performance.
    • As I went throughout my presentation, I realized my that I said “um” a lot because I was very nervous and did not want to mess up. I learned that I should not be afraid to mess up because it is natural. Even if I do, I should just pick right back up and move on.

Overall, I feel that the workshop went well based on the fact that this was our first time to conduct a workshop. I am glad we were able to have this experience and I hope we will be able to conduct more workshops.


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