How to be Successful through Scheduling?

As a freshman in high school, there are many challenges that you encounter during the first year in high school. Transition from middle school to high school is always difficult since it involve a lot of home and extra curriculum activities.  In middle school, majority of your activites are planned and scheduled for you by the teachers. The homework is not as much as it is in high school. In my view, time managment and scheduling are the two big factors that can determine your success in high school. When it comes to scheduling, there are three things that I like to use that keep me on top of all my work. First, I have to say that color coding in my adgenda are an important aspect in my scheduling. Each subject has an assigned a color, for example  in my agenda, math is blue, English is purple, Social studies is pink, etc. This makes it easy for me to navigate through the agenda as I get to  my homework or study for upcoming quizzes and test. This system allows me to keep a log of all homeworks, assignments, upcoming tests and quizzes. Next, I have to say that I embrace technology and the use of sticky notes on my laptop to keep a log of important notes or dates. I use  this method to synronize with my agenda every evening to ensure that I do not miss any important dates or notes.  I like the sticky notes since they are the first thing that pops up when you open your laptop so you cannot miss any important dates or notes. There are numerous amount of ways you can organize these sticky notes. One way I like to arrange them is by class. I write what are the most important things down first in each stick note for each class. Finally, the last thing that helps me is I always turn off my devices when I study or do homework. This is a very hard task to uphold as there are so many  distractions especailly in the social media. I normally use an app called Self Control. The first time I used this app it was such a challenge. I kept trying to go back on to go on Youtube to watch Teala Dunn or even go on Netflix to watch Pretty Little Liars. Fortunately, once you block certain social media site the app does not allow you to access those cites till the set time. If you are a person who is obsessed with their phone, I would suggest you start by turning  your phone off for shorter periods of time, then gradually get to the app (self-control for the Macbook). When I started using this app, it was serious for me. I blocked thirteen hours and there was no turning back. It was hell. I wanted to get my GPA high and this was really helpful. Currently, I have an overall GPA higher than a 4.0 and I am ready to take on 2 AP’s courses and honors courses during my sophmore year. Once I started this sytem it has kept me focused and on track with my work. Succeding in high school takes planning and having a strategies that will help you get there.

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