Continuing the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King in 2017

On January 16, 2017, TeenSharp held an event based on MLK day. During the event there was food, activities, and TeenSharp students also attended. The Teensharp students had the opportunity to sell their products that we had been working on since November. One group, Our Priorities are Minorities (OPAM), come up with the idea of making beautiful bracelets. The other group, Race for Change, came up with the idea of making decorated T-shirts. These are businesses formed by Teensharp students in effort to bring big meaning as well as emphasizes what Dr. King fought against, inequality, and racism.

Throughout the event, all people came to learn more about Dr. King and had a very a great time. During the event, all attendees were divided into groups to learn different topics that can continue the legacy of Dr. King. The group I was in, talked about how youth can continue the legacy of Dr. King by becoming self aware. Being self aware means you know who you are and your values and you will not be easily swayed by the world. This plays into Dr. Kings message because he also knew who he was and stood up for his values and what he believe in. Later, we all read a speech that Dr. King gave.

Dr. King was a man who spread love throughout a hard time for African Americans. I believe to continuing in his legacy we can do the same. We can do this by not judge a person based on who they are or  how they look, but by loving one another although showing love maybe hard. Another way to continue the legacy of Dr King is standing up for what you know is right. There are a lot of ways you can exemplify this.  For one, you can attend peace rallies that stand for a topic you are extremely passionate about. For example, the Women’s March that recently occurred in Washington DC . Along with that you can start an organization that demonstrates and supports the idea that you are really passionate about. Lastly, there are simple ways that you can stand up for what is rightful example you can break a fight between two teenagers.

Dr. King was a legendary man who fought for all the right reasons. To me he is my hero. He inspired me to not be silent in the face of injustice but to stand up for what I believe in. Dr King’s peaceful personality and his tenacity changed the course of the United States. Even thought America is still not where its supposed to be, we can be the change in this era. I will continue to live out his legacy and I will make sure to let others know too.


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