College Admissions Process

Throughout the The Hope in the Unseen, Cedric’s college application process was emphasizes greatly. Overall, I learned that it is not an easy road to go through. There will be many uncertainties that come your way but you have to keep your head in the game and stick to your plan. Along with that, Cedric’s college application process also showed me that I need to do more than just take the most rigorous courses at my school. For example, leading a service project or even writing a research paper about a topic I am really passionate about. This can be called intellectual vitality. As I explained in my pervious big post, intellectual vitality is something that has also really opened my eyes up to what more I need to focus a lot on.

Service work is another crucial participate in the college admissions process. Service work not only looks good on a college application but it also teaches you about different people and their stories. You can learn a lot through doing service work.  Additionally, when completing service work find one place that really intersect you instead of doing work at multiple places. This shows that you are passionate about a cause or movement and on an application that is really good.  When completing service work find one place that really intersect you instead of doing work at multiple places.

Lastly I learned that I need to have confidence in myself. Throughout the book, Cedric barley had confidence in himself in getting into MIT. That lead to him having a fixed mindset about the college process. Having the confidence in yourself helps you have a growth mindset and be open to more thing. As well as that, being confident shows that you are sure of yourself and know what you want in life.

The college admission process is a scary, and stressful process that I have to be prepared to take on for during my junior and senior year. With the tools that TeenSharp is equipping me with and my intelligence, I know this process is possible.


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