Lets talk! : TeenSHARP

During my TeenSHARP experience, the 9th graders have been reading a book called A Hope in the Unseen. In the A Hope in the Unseen, the  main character, Cedric Jennings, a young African American man who is growing up in inner city Washington D.C. The high school Cedric attends is a low achieving  high school. Through out the book, the author explains that Cedric really aspires to go to MIT.Personally, I think that Cedric is not applying himself to become MIT ready. He is just doing the standard things he is suppose to do, and not reaching out for more opportunities. I believe that Cedric is talented in time management, but he does not purse academic excellence. Even if he did pursue academic excellence, I don’t believe he would have the great time management he now.

Throughout TeenSHARP, I have learned many strategies that will help me become the person I want to be. The most eye opening strategy has to be intellectual vitality. Intellectual Vitality is showing your ambition to learn more. There are many ways you can show intellectual vitality. For example, doing a research project on a cause that you are really passionate about that is not a project for school. I am really thankful all the opportunities that TeenSHARP has offered me because they all opened my world up to new things. Although Cedric does not posses this strategy, he does show strength. Cedric has a very hard life and throughout his life he never stops trying. I really admire that about him because that is an amazing quality that is hard for some people to possess.

At TeenSHARP, we have also been learning about how our brain works. We recently read an article about better ways to learn. I learned that it is better to study before going to bed going to bed and foreign languages should be studied in the morning after a good nigh sleep. I used this method for a math test that I was stressed about and got a 95%! I think this method is great and it has defiantly achieve greater academic excellence in my classes.

I can honestly say TeenSHARP has been an amazing experience and I am honestly ready to spend the rest of my years with them. I have learned so much through this program and I have also made great friends! Everyone makes you feel as if you are family and is always there to support you. I am honestly glad to have this wonderful opportunity and I thank everyone who offered me this opportunity.

~ Niki D.


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